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Welcome to our great community and ever-growing group of virtual pilots. Come fly to Virtual Finnair's interesting destinations, which are updated regularly. We fly to destinations in Lapland, the United States and Asia, not forgetting numerous destinations in Europe and the Canary Islands!

You can fly with a modern fleet, or choose an interesting aircraft from Finnair's historic fleet and fly to historical destinations. The choice is yours.

We use the modern Virtual Airline Management System vAMSYS. We also have an active Discord community, not forgetting other social platforms.

Welcome to our great community!


Historic schedule update

B752: From Helsinki: Malta, Barcelona, Budapest, Faro, Dalaman, Corfu, Madeira, Mallorca, Rovaniemi, Ovda, Dubai, Antalya, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Krabi via Ahmedabad, [...]

December statistics

December statistics on Virtual Finnair’s operations: 41 new pilots283 pireps50647 points27654 Bonus pointsFlight hours 635 hours 38 minutes 28 seconds Top three pilots: Flight [...]

November statistics

November statistics on Virtual Finnair’s operations: 33 new pilots249 pireps43667 points16763 Bonus pointsFlight hours 497 hours 03 minutes 41 seconds [...]

Event: Welcome to HEL

VATSIM Scandinavia and Finland invite you to enjoy our weekly event, Welcome to HEL. Helsinki Airport will be fully staffed [...]

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Why join us?

A great and growing community. Our main languages ​​are Finnish and English.

Easy-to-use VA management system and tracking software vAMSYS

Up-to-date and constantly updated real-world routes

One of the oldest virtual airlines, originally founded in 1998.

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